How it Works


Recreate the thrill and excitement of a real live casino for your guests, without any real money being lost. As an entertainment company, we do not condone betting for money in any shape or form and our services are provided without any real money changing hands at the casino tables. A fun casino is a real winner whichever way you look at it. uses a tried and tested formula that will entertain any number of people, of all ages, for any type of event and this is totally legal. 

Equipment has full size tables and gaming equipment, the sort that you would find in any top class casino.

Set Up and Collection

We can set up your casino before your guests arrive up to a limit of two hours prior to dealing start time as listed in our terms, or depending on your own itinerary and space available, when you require us to. This may incur an additional cost of £50.00 per hour. Collection and break down is usually immediately following close of play. Again, if you wish us to keep the tables on site for longer than 30 minutes,  or until your event has finished, then there will be an additional charge added of £50.00 per hour. It is important that clients understand that it is their responsibility to ensure that there are facilities for unloading and loading at venues.  Also that parking and congestion charges will be added to the invoice if they are incurred.


The tables come with their own set of chips and each one is managed by a smart and professional croupier in black tie attire. Our dealers will arrive approximately 30 minutes to an hour before they are due to open the tables to set up. The more tables there are, the more time will be needed to set up and we work with you to arrange this.


The acting casino manager will make a brief introduction to your guests before the tables open for play to go over the format of the evening, how it all works, inject a little humour and competitive spirit into the evening and to encourage sales of fun money, should it be a fundraising event. Clients provide prizes for the winners.

Fun Money

We distribute $100 dollars of pre-printed fun money to each player before the tables open. Our croupiers usually do this during coffee or at a time that has been pre-arranged with the Client. Guests then transfer their fun money for chips at the tables in order to place their bets. Chips cannot be taken from one table to another but can be 'cashed in' for fun money if players wish to transfer their winnings to play another game.

Personalised fun money with pictures or logos can also be organised at an additional cost.


A fun casino is a great way to make some money for your favourite charity, PTA, club or association. We have raised tens of thousands of pounds over the last decade for many causes and encourage additional sales of fun money at the tables during play as well to get extra funds.

To comply with the current Gaming Act the fun money has no cash value whatsoever. If fun money is 'purchased' in order to raise funds for a charity or other worthy cause, it must be clear that the guest is making a donation to the chosen 'fund' as no refunds will be made under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of the player to play with any fun money purchased. All donations go directly to the Client.


The games are all simple to learn and can be picked up with the help quickly with the guidance of the croupier. The emphasis is on fun but it keeps things nicely competitive for the Client to offer a small prize for the person who has won the most at the end of the evening. We wind things down around 15 minutes before play ceases and find a winner or winners for you. Spot prizes can also be given out at the discretion of the croupiers if you so desire.


If you are thinking of theming your event, then we can supply totally unique theming to complement the casino area. We can also create bespoke themes, props and decoration for you should you so desire, at a very competitive rate. Just call us on 0254 548521 and speak to Jayne to find out more about this. Or email her on


Having a casino as part of a team-building exercise can also be a great way to motivate and reward your colleagues. There are several ways you can run an event such as this and we can help and advise you on the best way to achieve this for your own set of requirements.

Promotions, Filming and Photography

Our casino table equipment can be hired for props in films and tv productions and have been featured in adverts, exhibitions, promotions and product launches.

If you want to produce an event that is different and unusual, our own marketing team are experienced in the management of creative events and can help to devise an unusual and memorable experience for your target audience. All you have to do is ask...